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to Tommy Clack – Heroes Then… Heroes Now

Wayne Morris
July 3, 2014

Hi Tommy- I was out there with the 2nd Platoon Charlie Co. the day you were wounded. I’ll never forget that day. I was with Mitchell, Scott and Bass the night they were KIA by the rockets I had just got up to crash since we had daytime patrol the next day or I would have died as well. I was sitting on the splash wall between Bass and Scott. Our new squad leader was severely wounded and Flores one of our Medics was also hit. I bandaged Flores and the squad leader; I put the squad leaders left eye back in his socket with a pressure bandage. Mitch died instantly; he caught the brunt of the explosion; Bass and Scott died from being hit in the chest. They were trying to breathe, but their lungs were hit badly. I felt so helpless not being able to help them. I heard they died before getting to the base camp hospital, maybe on the “dustoff”. People who have never been in combat don’t realize what hell we endured seeing our buddies die or get wounded and maybe being severely wounded as happened to you. It appears you have adapted; I don’t think I could have. Wayne Morris, Wolfhound March 1969-March 1970.


Pat Turner
July 9, 2016

My father-in-law may be the new squad leader you mention above; it’s consistent with an injury he received while serving with the Wolfhounds.

His name is George Weldon, originally from South Philadelphia. Of course, it may also be a coincidental injury which isn’t that unlikely given the arduous conditions the warriors of the Wolfhounds endured.

A tip of the hat to my Army Brothers that preceded me in service to our nation, I’m humbled to have followed in your footsteps.

Pat Turner
Capt USMC ’94-’99


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