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Wayne Morris
May 28, 2014

I was on patrol out of Trang Bang, FSB Jackson, Diamond, Shamrock, and FSB Patton (what a hell hole; heavy duty booby traps; we lost several guys kia and wia patrolling in that area. I was on bunker 3 at Shamrock when Mitch, Bass and Scott died; and our new squad leader and medic Flores were wounded. I bandaged our squad leader and Flores. We only had two medics behind the wire that night and Flores was one of them.. I don’t remember all the names, but I will never forget the faces of the guys I served with and what we went thru together. Wayne Morris, Wolfhound from March ’69 to March ,70


Joel Baker
June 21, 2014


I would like to reply to your email but lost your email address. Please send it to me.


Robert Park - A/2/27 65-66
June 26, 2014

An amazing and beautiful tribute! I sat and watched it three times and will probably watch it again. My compliments to Mr. Deitz. I did not know your brothers but in watching as the names appeared on the wall, I could picture my brothers that are listed there. I have visited the wall 4 times sense it was built and each time I have had groups of students with me. I stop and point out names of men I knew and tell them about these people – what they were like and what some of their dreams were that never could be completed. It is very important that these men who gave everything not just become names on a wall and that the younger generations realize these were people just like them with dreams and desires – unfulfilled. We Will Remember Them…


conrad garcia
July 17, 2014

Wayne, I’ve got some information about that nite if your interested. Good to hear from you brother.


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